Homework 7-1

Math (Mr. Ross)


Extra Help is available at lunch everyday and after school upon request.


Click here to download e- textbook. Ask me for the enrollment key.


English (Mr. Seely)

Extra Help is available 8:20 am before school, or at lunch by appointment.

Poetry Booklets due Friday November 27, 2015


Science (Mrs.Bradbury) –  

Science extra help is available every Wednesday lunchtime at 12.30pm, starting Wednesday 14th September. Science textbooks can be signed out. 

Monday 10th April

  1. Put science work somewhere safe!
  2. Rock Investigation sheet for next Wednesday 19th April

Wed, 24th May – If you have not completed the “Earth:A Layered Planet diagrams and questions page 196 (# hours of class time given) Finish for homework. Due in on Monday 29th May.




Healthy Living (Mr.Lang) –

Personal Roadmap due Tuesday 6 October.

Body Image and Self-Esteem Question Sheet due Tuesday 13 October.


Art (Ms. Schlender)




French (Ms. Pratt) –


Tech Ed (Mrs.Bradbury)

Technology extra help is available every Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes, 12:20pm starting Wednesday 14th September. All assignments and due dates are in Google Classroom, including the plans for each lesson for this year. Check it out!