May 25

Reading and Mathematics Assessment for Grade 8

Please note, the NS Department of Education and Early Child Development will require Grade 8 students to complete a reading and mathematics assessment next week:


The provincial assessment in grade 8 has been revised to include only Reading and Mathematics for the 2014–2015 administration. The 2014-2015 Nova Scotia Assessment: Reading and Mathematics in Grade 8 will be administered over 4-days between May 25 and June 5, 2015 with 45 minutes for reading and 90 minutes for mathematics.

This assessment includes the following:

  • reading tasks that reflect the end of grade 8 curriculum outcome expectations
  • reading passages in the narrative, information, poetry/song, and visual text genres
  • reading comprehension questions in selected response format
  • reading comprehension questions that are designed to provide a broad range of challenge, thereby providing more information about individual student performance
  • mathematics questions that reflect the end of grade 8 curriculum outcome expectations
  • selected response (multiple choice) questions in all mathematics domains
  • tasks designed to assess students’ ability to solve problems
  • tasks requiring different levels of cognitive demands to solve, thereby providing more information about student performance

For more information visit DoEECD’s webpage for more information.

May 22

Grade 9 Citadel High Orientation


Our grade 9 students will be attending their orientation at Citadel high school next Tuesday the 26th of May. Students will be dismissed from Highland Park at lunchtime and will meet their chaperones outside Citadel’s main doors at 2:30. Please read the consent forms that have been sent home with students for additional information. Please sign and return to school as soon as possible. Thanks very much!