Homework 8-2

Math (Mr.Tortola)

Mr. Tortola’s Website


Mrs. MacIsaac – English

Mrs. MacIsaac’s Website


Healthy Living (Mr. Ross)

Quiz Oct. 28 (Wed)


Science (Mrs.Bradbury) –

Science extra help is available every Wednesday lunchtime, 12:30pm, starting Wednesday 14th September. Science textbooks can be signed out any time.

Thurs. 23rd March: Ocean current project – 3 hours of class lessons plus homework – see Google classroom for instructions – presentation needs to be ready to present on Monday 3rd April

Thurs. 15th June: Complete Buoyancy page 109 Q1, 2, 4 by Monday 19th


Social Studies (Mr. Seely)



French (Ms. Pratt)

Carte Postale due October 11 avec les questions: 

  1. Où es-tu allé pendant l’été?
  2. Qu’est-ce que tu as fais pendant l’été?
  3. Comment était ton été?

Food & Nutrition (Ms. Pratt)

How Would You Make this Kitchen Safe? sheet due back October 5


Art (Ms. Schlender)



Healthy Living (Mr. Mugford)


Tech Ed (Ms Schlender)